Trekking In Bhutan With Kandoo Adventures

I’m glad to use this opportunity to elucidate how Kandoo can assist you in planning a fabulous trip to the remarkable nation of Bhutan. I will give you an overview of Kandoo’s guide to trekking in Bhutan. I can assure you that any time you hike with Kandoo, you will know you are secure as the company is nearly distinctive in conducting its specific treks with its own teams. It is this degree of influence upon all phases of their trips that ensures they get positive reviews from their clients who have on Trustpilot make them the leading tour operator. Bhutan is a very exceptional location to go hiking. Sandwiched in a tall pouch of land among Northeast India, Tibet, and Nepal, it was through her own political desire and geography cut off from the other part of the world until the 1970s.

Given its double protection as earlier said, the old-style culture had endured essentially untainted, thus making it an ideal location for a customized vacation. This article summarises all the things you require to begin planning a journey to Bhutan to wit: when is the choice period to go visiting, the recommended trekking routes, when is the choice period to hike and information on other activities you can engage in while in Bhutan. You can read extensively on the top five hiking paths in Bhutan and other important things pertaining to a holiday in the striking Asia country on You will find answers to commonly enquired questions thereon and even get to chat with an expert.


Best parts Of Hiking In Bhutan

Hike in the stunning unspoiled Himalaya of Bhutan, Relish peaks with no commercialisation and no crowds, just striking vistas. Take a trip to the iconic Tiger’s Nest monastery adhering to perpendicular cliffs overhead Paro,  Witness the National Happiness philosophy of Bhutan as well as it spectacular festivals.

The Choice Hiking Paths In Bhutan

In comparison to Nepal, hiking in Bhutan is still quite in its early stages and the figure of recognized trekking trails is restricted. Bhutan more than makes up for what it does not have with respect to trekking routes number as regards quality because the hiking endeavour in Bhutan is special with quiet trails and nearly no commercial expansion.

Since the only persons you will come across on the routes will be itinerant shepherds, all paths are trekked along with camping teams that are completely supported. You will not see any of the Illy café or sophisticated lodges you can come across on the Everest hike.

Kandoo offers three hikes in Bhutan which includes the comparatively brief Duk Path trek and the extremely tasking Snowman hike which is ranked as one amid the seven toughest treks on the planet by Red Bull.

Druk Trail Trek This is the briefest trip offered by Kandoo and the hike itself lasts for just four days.

The Tourist Board of the country advertise the Druk Trail as a trek that will last 6 days but that is a period that is too conservative for a serious trekker. It can be comfortably trekked in just four days. The trek joins Paro which is western Bhutan to Thimphu, the only city, and capital of the Kingdom.

The hike offers exciting hiking via the Himalaya foothills with striking vistas of the taller summits unto the North. In the months of the spring, the best part of this trek is the big rhododendron strips.

During the entire trip of 8 days, you will as well visit the Tiger’s Nest Monastery (two times in the event that you are fortunate) and enjoy a comprehensive tour of the capital city, Thimphu.

Chomolhari Trek

Though this hike is comparatively not long, it is an actual high altitude hiking adventure that takes you far into the Himalaya of Bhutan. The trek begins in Paro and likewise halts in Thimpu though it goes by a more meandering northern trail. Even though not quite making it into the 8,000 metres category, this segment of the Himalaya has some actual giants, including Jichu Drake at 6,794 metres and Mount Chomolhari which stands at 7,314 metres. This is Kandoo’s preferred hike in Bhutan and affording enough time to be at the Tiger’s Nest and also make a tour of Thimphu, it passes for a truly great undertaking in this spectacular Kingdom.

Snowman Hike

The Snowman remains one amid a few hikes that is well-known worldwide amid serious hikers and completely merits its spot in that exclusive collection. Forming the concluding stage of the Great Himalayan Path, this hike goes by the Himalayan summits beside nearly all of the northern boundary of Bhutan. This is by far the hardest hike in Bhutan with a trio of passes above 6,000 metres and, it is among the hardest trek Kandoo operates. It is accessible only as an exclusive trip and just in the choice months, early autumn and late spring because the path is impassable outside of this time. The Snowman trek is the next challenge when you are sure you are really fit and have already done all the other classics.

The Choice Period To Hike In Bhutan

There exist two crucial things you must put into consideration when planning to hike in Bhutan. Paramount is the climate of course, and the second thing is the Bhutanese festivals calendar. So amazing are these festivals that it becomes worthy tuning your hiking dates to enable you to see at least one of them.

Bhutan's weather

Like Nepal, Bhutan witnesses the fag end of the Asian Rainy season that travels up via India in latter parts of May conveying really torrential deluges, high temperatures, and really high humidity. So, you should not think about the months in summer for hiking at all because on even the open lower routes, the paths will be leach infested and very muddy. Also, being completely at high elevation (Paro, the entrance location for visitants is above 2,000 metres) and in the Northern Hemisphere, the Kingdom witnesses huge fluctuations in periodic temperatures. Suffice it to say on your hike, the temperatures will be cooler as you ascend higher and even will be a lot cooler overnight meaning that, save for the really strong, from December through to January must not be thought of for hiking (though they are pretty good months for cultural tours). This leaves springtime, from the start of February to the first half of June, and fall, from the month of September as the choice months for hiking.

Bhutanese Festivals

Apart from trekking, the Bhutanese Kingdom is famed for its fabulous schedule of festivals several of which comprise huge, luxuriant shows that for several persons are the main motive they visit the kingdom. Though if you have time, you should coordinate your hiking dates with a trip to one of the spectacular festival celebrated in the kingdom. They are absolutely worthwhile to see. You can with trekking combine the festival of Paro Tshechu which is doubtlessly the most widely known festival celebrated in springtime in the Bhutanese nation. The festival recreates one amid the most eminent legends of Buddhism and remains a lively explosion of music, colour, and dancing.

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